I’ve been a blogger since 2005, yet I didn’t consider myself a WRITER.  That is, until now.

Forgive me, because I can’t remember who it was at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference that told us to embrace/own up to/declare ourselves writers.  I didn’t make note who said it, because I was too busy telling myself “Nah! Not me.”

My definition of a writer was someone who was credentialed.  They held a degree in English,  an MFA in Creative Writing,  or they were a published author of a novel,or book of essays, or a scholarly article.  In short, they were someone who had worked hard, studied and honed their craft.  This does not.describe.me.

Oh sure, I won an essay contest in 3rd grade.  I even got an A+ on a research paper during my senior year in college.  But I’ve blogged inconsistently and haphazardly and for my OWN ENJOYMENT (and possibly my mom’s) for 7 years.  I am not a writer.  I am a blogger.

REAL writers are people like Angie, who knows more about literature than I know about Scott Baio (and that, my friends, is A.LOT).  REAL writers write books.  People like Lela and Kyran.  REAL writers, like Heather, make your sides split with their antics. REAL writers, like Jackie, help businesses with their marketing strategies and are featured all over the web.

But then I remembered some other writers I know – people who write professionally.  After all, being “published” is one of the requirements in my definition of being a writer – right?
I have friends who are technical writers, friends who write press releases for their organizations, colleagues who write content for websites, and brochures, and public service announcements and mission statements. I consider all of these friends and colleagues REAL WRITERS.

Suddenly I realized:

  • I write web content.
  • I write press releases
  • I write scripts for events and television commercials and radio spots and . . .
  • I write grants (Grants that get FUNDED.  Grants that WHEN funded, change lives)
  • I also write this silly little blog

And although I don’t get paid to write product reviews, and I don’t have ads generating pennies per click on my blog, I am a writer.  I write serious stuff and silly stuff.  I write things that are meant to be published and things that are meant to be an inside joke.  I write for newspapers and television and magazines, and I write for my mom and for Gracie and Ethan and Genna.

I am a writer.