middle school heartbreak, handling disappointmentThe passage from the carefree days of elementary school to the agony of middle school has begun.  My little angel’s heart was BROKEN yesterday as she was excluded from what she perceives as the inner-circle . . . the Glee Club.

Auditions were Thursday afternoon and the elite list of names was posted on Friday right after school.  Not finding her name there, Genna held back the tears which were welling up in her eyes.  Her sweet friend Sam, however, noticed right away.  Sam and Sammy Grace positioned themselves on either side of Genna on the bus, their little bodies literally and their friendship figuratively holding Genna’s spirit up.

Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Erin, picks Genna up from the bus every day.  Genna was stoic and never let on that her little heart was crushed.  They stopped to play at the school playground before making their way home.

In the meantime, I had arrived home early and Sam and her mom stopped by “to check on Genna” thus cluing me in to the situation.  When Genna finally arrived home, I waved to her and asked her how her day was.  “Fine,” came her reply, but I could see the sadness she was bravely trying to hold back.  “Genna, Sam told me that you didn’t make it into Glee Club and she said you were really sad.”  At that moment her sweet little face fell and she lurched into my arms, burying her head in my chest as the sobs came.
“Everyone made it but me!” she cried.

My heart broke for my sweet girl.

We had a long talk.  I praised her for being brave enough to audition, I told her that having TRUE friends like Sam and Sammy Grace was more important than being in ANY club, and I assured her that we would work together to find a club at school that she would enjoy and could belong to.  After Genna blew her nose I asked her if I could pray with her about it.  As I folded her little hands in mine I prayed, “Dear God, Genna is SO disappointed that she didn’t make it into Glee Club.  But we know that YOU have a plan for her.  We know that there is a place for her to belong, to get involved and discover her talents.  Please help us find that place that you have already chosen for her.”

Some of my proudest parenting moments come out of the most heartbreaking events.

And then I went and blew my nose too.

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