I am participating in the Arkansas Women Bloggers “Blogtober-Fest” challenge.  Today’s blogging challenge:  Fall Traditions

Seems like most of our traditions involve FOOD.  And Fall traditions are no different.  So here is my list of Favorite Fall Food (and food related) traditions:

Hosting our annual Trick or Treat Headquarters  – Using our house as base,  friends gather for “happies” (my new favorite word for happy hour appetizers) and then head out to trick or treat throughout the neighborhood, then gather back at our house for more food and merriment.  We’ve been doing this since Gracie and Ethan were itty bitty.

Making (and especially EATING) Lefse! I usually make it twice at home (just before Thanksgiving and just before Christmas) and once with our friends at church.

Church friends sharing Lefse tips and tricks

Making (and especially EATING) Scramble (Grandma Grace’s name for Chex Party Mix) I couldn’t tell you how many batches of this I make each fall.  Neither could I tell you how many times I’ve allowed “Scramble” to replace “dinner.”

Me with my Grandma Grace circa 1974.


Sharing and sampling all the German fare at Luther Fest  Another annual gathering at our Church.

A plate FULL of German goodness at GSLC’s Luther Fest

Our retired interim pastor Dick Jebsen and his wife Joyce do a dramatic andhumorous reading of a dialogue between Martin and Katie Luther.  The food is amazing and its where I learned to appreciate Sauterbraten.

Pastor Dick and Joyce with German barmaids (aka “Kiff and Tim”)

So these are just a few of my favorite fall traditions.  Get out the elastic waistbands!

Special Thanks to my fellow Lutheran Kathy Stinson.  I borrowed heavily from her Facebook photos!