I am participating in the Arkansas Women Bloggers “Blogtober-Fest” challenge.  Today’s blogging challenge:  Promote a Post from the Past

Just trust me. Follow the link and it will all make sense.

Deciding which post from the past to promote was a no-brainer.  1) This story happened in the Fall, and that sorta fits in the theme and B) this is the most often repeated story.  I tease my mom incessantly about how she tells and retells the same stories, even though I’m totally guilty of it myself.

In fact, I told this story about 11 years ago to Shannon Magsam  (co-creator of NWAMotherlode) who wrote about it in a little column in the paper called “Right Time, Right Place.”

This is NOT, however, the way Shannon told the story.  In fact, this isn’t the way Mark and I typically tell the story either.  When we tell it together we interrupt each other like crazy, each adding the part that we remember most vividly.  This is the story in my own words.  Enjoy.

How I Met Your Father