I’m participating in the ThanksBlogging #AWBChallenge over at Arkansas Women Bloggers this week.  Follow along and link up!

I took today’s challenge quite literally.  “Outside the Walls”  – Take a photo of something you are thankful for.  Well, one thing that I am very thankful is outside the walls of our house.  Right outside our back door is a space I fondly refer to as “Cuarto Cuarto at Casa Dilday.”  It means, in Spanglish, “Fourth Room.”  Mark and I debated about adding a fourth bedroom to our home, but instead decided to add a deck. Our little deck project grew and grew and grew some more.  It’s nearly 1,000 square feet and features two levels, stained concrete counter tops around the grill, and planter boxes surrounding the perimeter.  A recent addition is a “Cowboy Grill” aka an industrial strength fire pot.

Cuarto Cuarto even has its own Facebook page!

It is my “happy place.”  I go there immediately after work in the spring to unwind.  I enjoy coffee and quiet time on summer mornings, and it is an ideal spot for gathering with friends in the fall.

What’s your favorite room (indoor OR outdoor) in YOUR house?