Earlier this year my little blog helped a stranger locate a long-lost family recipe.  This weekend, an old a former high school classmate from Sioux Falls stumbled upon my blog.  It seems we are both looking for Sam Mriden.  (Apparently the guy is in hiding.  Perhaps in the witness protection program???)

Sam Mriden, last spotted at Mike Hanson's wedding.
Sam Mriden, last spotted at Mike Hanson’s wedding.

Keller found Mindless Wanderings through Google, because apparently I mentioned Sam in a blog post shortly before my 40th birthday.

Keller sent me a note on Facebook that said he liked my blog.  Totally made my day.  So move over Mom, I’ve got another reader.  *smile*

**An Update** Apparently I still have a thing for Scott Baio AND Sam Mriden.
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