Better late than never I say!  It’s 2:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve Eve and I FINALLY ordered our Christmas cards.  They’ll go out in tomorrow’s mail (hopefully!) and will arrive by New Year’s.

Dilday Christmas 2012And it just wouldn’t be a Dilday Christmas card without the dorky poem . . .

Christmas 2012

In Denver with the Olsons 2012 got its start, watching a Walking Dead Marathon (NOT for the faint of heart!)

Throughout the seasons we hosted a gathering or two, in our backyard out on the deck that is new.

The kids are now spread out at schools far and near, one in middle school, junior high, and high school I fear!

Gracie works a Saturday job at Rick’s Bakery, while Ethan still strives to master karate.

Genna, at last, reached a goal on her list –  finally growing her hair out longer than sis!

Mark and I continue to witness time flee and mark each anniversary at our wedding tree.

May you be surrounded this Christmas with those that you love and know the peace of salvation from our Father above. May your Christmas be filled with merriment and mirth and may we each play a part in bringing PEACE to our EARTH.