I stumbled upon an amazing recipe thanks to Pinterest this weekend.  Since I had just received an enameled cast iron Dutch oven from Mom for Christmas, I was anxious to break it in and wanted a NEW recipe to christen the pot!

The recipe is for a Balsamic Roast Beef and I found it at AddAPinch.com.I made a few slight modifications to the recipe (don’t I always?).  I eliminated the honey (because we are out and I didn’t want to make the dreaded Walmart run) and I also left out the hot pepper flakes.  Instead of cooking it in the Crock Pot, I put it in my Dutch oven and cooked it for about 2.5 hours at 300 F.  I made Grandma Johnson’s “Heavenly” potatoes, Brussels sprouts and rolls as sides.  Delish!

Today I went back to AddAPinch.com to actually READ the blog post.  She recommended making 2 roasts to ensure you have enough leftovers for French Dip sandwiches and that got me thinking . . .

french dipWe aren’t really big on leftovers in this house.  But that roast was absolutely PERFECT for French Dips, and the pan sauce I made with the juices would make a fantastic au jus.  I think the next time I make the roast we’ll skip the eating it as roast and make the whole thing specifically for French Dips.

Superbowl party anyone?!?!?