Happy New Year!

I’ll admit, I’ve been torn between posting a “best of 2012” or a “looking ahead to 2013” post.  Then I read a post by Stephanie at Evolved Mommy (which led me to Jacqueline’s post and Gina’s post and Sarah’s post) about “One Little Word.”  Since I’ve NEVER subscribed to the tradition of setting a New Year’s Resolution I thought this might be a waycultivate to figuratively dip my toe in the water.

Rather than resolving to do one major thing (like get healthy or organize your life), by choosing just one little word – and choosing that word intentionally – you may be able to improve many aspects of your life.

Here comes the hard part . . . what is that ONE LITTLE WORD that can make such an enormous impact?   After giving is considerable thought, the word I’ve chosen is “CULTIVATE.”

1. to foster the growth of <cultivate vegetables>
2. to improve by labor, care, or study : refine <cultivate the mind>
3. further, encourage <cultivate the arts>
4. to seek the society of : make friends with


In 2013 I will cultivate my relationships. Husband. Kids. God.
One on one time with each kid.  One on one time with Mark.  Continued participation in the life of GSLC and time for study.
Through those relationships I’ll strive to cultivate a sense of responsibility and independence in Gracie and Ethan – especially as Gracie begins her senior year in high school and begins planning for college, and as Ethan transitions from junior high to high school and from a boy to a young man – and a sense of individualism in Genna who, as the baby, has lived in her siblings’ shadows.
I will cultivate a home environment that is peaceful and rejuvenating.  This will likely include some home improvement projects, but is largely about how we choose to spend our time at home.
I hope to cultivate the potential  in others (and myself), especially the students and staff I work with.  During the last few months I’ve begun to recognize the impact that just a few minutes of my time can have on others. I have the potential to be a better leader myself when I make the time to focus on others’ potential.
And lastly, I intend to cultivate my personal interests.  Cooking, golf, reading, blogging.  Perhaps even something new!
How about you?  What’s your One Little Word?