I’m about to say write something I’ve never said written before. If you were to ask me, “Silver Linings Playbook –  book or movie – which was better?”  My answer: BOTH.Silver Linings Playbook Book and movie review

First of all, I read the book by Matthew Quick on Sunday – all but 40 pages, which I finished during my lunch hour on Monday.  I could NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN.   It was a real glimpse of what it must be like inside the mind of someone struggling with mental illness.  It was laugh out loud funny in some parts, heart-wrenching in others.  The perfect combo. As Dolly Parton as Truvy says in Steel Magnolias says, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

So, truthfully, I set myself up to be woefully disappointed by the movie.  It’s almost impossible to truly enjoy a movie once you’ve read a fantastic book.  Small details get changed and that is irritating.  Or your favorite scene is omitted entirely.  Or, heaven forbid, they COMPLETELY change the ending as they did in My Sister’s Keeper (which I will NEVER forgive “them” for).

But not in this case.  They changed minor details.  They omitted scenes entirely.  They even changed the ending a bit.  But the SPIRIT of the book was present throughout. And Bradley Cooper is phenomenal (and beautiful) and Jennifer Lawrence is pretty terrific too.

But seriously, if David O. Russell doesn’t win a Golden Globe and an Oscar for best screenplay, then I just give up.

Run, don’t walk, to Barnes and Noble AND the theater.  You need to experience Silver Linings Playbook in both formats.