After 2 solid weeks of “becoming one with my couch” during Christmas break, I’m proud to say my productivity has returned.  Here’s a glimpse into what was accomplished in the past 7 days:

At home – completed a little home improvement project.  Inexpensive tables purchased at InRetrospect, sanded, primed and repainted became this: orange tables

Read a book. (yes, that makes 4 so far in January if you’re keeping count.)
Made the most delicious balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts. YUM! brussels sprouts

At work – submitted 2 grant reports and 1 grant application.  Narrowed down a list of 11 possible new office properties to 1, submitted a LOI to begin negotiations.  Managed to stay healthy despite 2 out of 3 coworkers being sick (knock on wood).

With Kids – Mostly hanging out, watching a little American Idol, talking College with Gracie, talking YouTube memes with Ethan, watching Genna learn the “cup song.”

With Friends – Hogs basketball game with Pedersons and Bagwells Saturday night followed by dinner at AquaFire. Womenade Monday night.  Friday lunch with Lou. Happy hour with Angie. Dinner with Pedersons again (and new friends Christine and Tim) and the folks on Friday night.