I was watching the Grammys on Sunday night and noticed that every time the camera panned the audience Taylor was clapping her hands over her head, singing along to the song being performed on stage or literally dancing in her seat.

In other words, acting like a 20-year old girl at the best concert of her life.

grammys-2013-gifs-taylor-swift-4-cbsEven if you’re not a fan of Taylor or her music, why do you have to dog on her about EVERYTHING?

So She doesn’t sing well live – that’s true.  And most of her songs are about one of her notorious breakups – I got it. But this girl lives her life ON STAGE performing for 13 year old girls and their mothers. For once, she got to be a part of the audience and got to enjoy the show.

And I, for one, would rather see someone so caught up in living in the moment that they forget they’re on camera. We criticize stars for being fake, airbrushed perfection. Taylor was being silly and awkward and geeky and REAL. Give her a break.