LTYM-logoLast year when Lela and Stephanie were pulling together the inaugural Listen to Your Mother show in NWA, I wanted to be a part of it. But something deep down told me not to try out.

  1. It was a very busy time in my life with work, church and family (isn’t it always) and
  2. I’m sure I was afraid of rejection.

    So I decided to sit it out.

    It was a difficult choice, because I’m very much a “joiner.”

But things just have a way of working out, don’t, ya know? Last year, I sat in the audience with my friends Mike and Erin, while we cheered for OUR friends Angie, Kelly, Jasmine, Lela and Stephanie. It was an incredible afternoon. I laughed and cried and cheered for my friends, and a few months later I had the privilege of also making NEW friends when I met Shannon and Heather who gave, in my opinion, the two standout performances in the show.

So why am I reflecting on all of this now, you ask? Because THIS year I decided to go for it. The submission deadline and the show itself worked in my calendar. I had seen and experienced last year’s LTYM show and I felt like I knew what type of story would be appropriate. I took the time to write out one of the most often told family stories and submitted it for consideration.

A few weeks later, I went in for the “live read” audition, a week after that I received the news: I’ve been cast in the Listen to Your Mother NWA 2013!

Better yet, my friend Rhonda is cast in the show as well friends from ARWB and proceeds benefit one of Arkansas’s MOST IMPORTANT groups – Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

Yes, I’m really glad that things worked out this way.

Stay tuned for updates along the road. I know this will be quite an adventure!