A month ago I jumped into a direct sales/relationship marketing business.  I come by this naturally, because my mom was a Home Interior displayer for 19 years and I had a Pampered Chef business for 6 years.


Here’s my why:  In the last two years both of my girls have been invited to go to the beach with their friends for Spring Break.  While I am SO GRATEFUL for those friendships and those loving families that invited my daughters to join them, my heart hurt.  I wanted to give them those experiences.

Nerium AD

Nerium International is a brand new company with a GROUND FLOOR opportunity.  There’s hardly anyone doing it in Northwest Arkansas.  I tell my friends it’s like buying Walmart stock from Mr. Sam in the early days.

In my first month I’ve earned my $499 investment back AND made a profit.  In fact, I’ve been paid EVERY WEEK since I joined.

I’m just wrapping up a conference call where the company is telling us about a promotion that will run from May 1st – July 10th.  Bonuses from $500 to $5,000 will be awarded to EVERYONE who qualifies.  Not only do I plan to earn a cash bonus, I want to make this happen for others.

Who’s with me??!?