I love a good tradition.  And May is full of them.

The neighborhood elementary school held their “Root Rocket Run” this morning and I, as always, lazily watched them race by from my front porch/window while sipping coffee and lounging in my pajamas.  You can bet that running will never be my thing. But my hat is off to those who do!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  We’ll go to church then spend the day around my mom and dad’s pool and share a meal.  A new tradition started last year, is to have a shrimp boil for Father’s Day.  However, since my folks will be traveling that weekend, we’re doing the shrimp boil for Mother’s Day.  Who says you can’t be flexible with traditions?

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we’re having our 3rd annual NWA Mother’s Day Tribute campaign at SPSF NWA.  Check it out.

I even wrote a tribute to MY MOM.

1st anniversaryNext week Mark and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  Our tradition is to take a photo at our “wedding tree.”  We planted a small flowering crabapple tree on the grounds of our church — Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville — on our wedding day, and each year we take a photo there.

I’m hoping to resurrect an old tradition of a weekend getaway to Eureka Springs for our anniversary.  We shall see if the stars and the moons and the planets align for that one.LTYM

Last year I started what I hope will be an annual tradition.  After having lunch with friends, we went to the local production of “Listen to Your Mother.”  This year, I am IN the production.  Couldn’t be more excited about this adventure and sharing it with some remarkable mamas (and a guy too!)