This morning I joined a few of my fellow cast mates from the upcoming Listen to Your Mother show and we taped (is that even the right word? I’m pretty sure they captured us in some sort of digital format that did NOT involve tape of any sort) a segment which will air at 7 a.m. Thursday on the Fox News Edge.

Me, Courtney, Sarah & Rhonda on the Fox News Edge set.
Me, Courtney, Sarah & Rhonda on the Fox News Edge set.

I’m really looking forward to the “showtime” aspect, but I have a feeling that what I will treasure most is the friendships that will develop through this shared experience. I am already in awe of these mothers (and the one token DUDE!) for their willingness to share their stories; their touching, poignant, often hilarious, honest, and heart wrenching stories.

We’ve all got something in common (besides choosing variant of some shade of purple to wear on television) Of course, there is the obvious: motherhood. But deep down, we must all be craving a little bit of attention, or affirmation, or heck – maybe we are all just a bunch of show-offs! (Except Rhonda. Never in a million years would I call Rhonda Fincher a show-off!Over the next several years I imagine we will discover many more traits in common, and huge differences as well.

Today, Sarah Hood told me that her parents are from South Dakota. (I KNEW their was something irresistible about that girl!) Courtney wowed me again with the poised, polished delivery of her brutally honest story. And the only thing I can add about my dear friend  Rhonda is that I am incredibly PROUD to call her friend. Sharing this experience with her is so, so sweet.

I look forward to getting to know this little posse more and more in the days ahead, and at our annual reunions at Listen to Your Mother NWA!

PS- the blurry iPhone pic is courtesy of, ironically, the shows producer who was critiquing OUR takes!