In a world full of “instant” everything instant-underpants-20101004-161012

  • instant messaging
  • instant news/entertainment
  • even “old school” instants like instant oatmeal and instant coffee

the old saying “anticipation is the spice of life” is losing its relevance in our 21st century existence.

But the Listen to Your Mother experience built in some “hurry up and wait” time which, I believe, helped me to slow down, take in, and relish the experience. From submitting the written piece for consideration, to the audition, to being cast in the show, and then even sitting and waiting in the dressing room before taking the stage.  There was a notable PAUSE between each phase which helped to build the anticipation.

Of course those 5 minutes on stage flew by like the wedding day of an anxious bride.  Before we knew it, it was over.  But once again, there was something to look forward to.  First, we had photos from Meredith Mashburn Photography to look forward to.  She captured everything from the dark auditorium before the show,

0SM0JCj4l78orQdcfb6TEBROaoXr3pXl_OogA2fcpYI candid photos of the cast backstage getting dressed for the show,

2iMExamV1nSfgJcMm2_OTAZG8nldStIpsMmZW7D832w,sUhvLwggnMJHjZY6-7-c67sZYPj-NJG9DdJjC27YV8o MRbze0ZJb8LtrmKxihpArnD7D8qEJozQgcmZJLwDpWc,We49v5VA4Cq9PXe2zK3rElhduLn8gnpqQ3T6r-vnh8wthis FUN cast photo outside the Walton Arts Center,

YzArw26vSdws5XZbeq4wMoFsflpaghZdkFue8MqlkQ4,seQKhqrIkuDTKN8n3MKOUfHIewzczlBaQgikrR0iQx8and these beautiful shots of the entire cast.

LTYM collageAnd finally, last week, the #NWARK #LTYM cast videos went LIVE!  If you missed the show, you can see it here.

And here’s my little piece.  I hope you enjoy!