Following our dinnertime tradition of “Best Part/Worst Part,” Ethan agreed to perform for us the piece he is rehearsing for an upcoming Forensics tournament. (My kid is a budding “drama jock.” I couldn’t be more thrilled!)

The exposition is about a kid who feels “different” and therefore alone. Sitting and watching from our kitchen table, I was quite impressed by E’s progress in memorizing the monologue as well as his dramatic interpretation of the script. He was totally “into it” and I, as a listener, was too.

It’s a fairly poignant sketch, especially when delivered by a teenage boy. Mark and I couldn’t keep our eyes off this kid of ours as he was sharing this deep, serious and artistic side of himself.

There’s a line in the script where the character ponders whether God is a Muslim, an atheist or a Jew. At this point, Gracie whispers, “Psst… He’s a Jew.”

And suddenly we are all holding our middles and wiping away tears from hysterical laughter.

And there you have it. On any given day of this adventure in parenting, we are amazed and inspired, humbled and proud, holding back tears one moment and laughing UNTIL we cry the next.

It’s an amazing ride.