Life is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes the highs and the lows happen all in the same day.  rollerCoaster2_Clipart_Free

Today’s highs included getting up at 4:30a (no, really!) to be at the gym by 5.  A laid back morning making and eating breakfast with my tween.  Driving her to school.  Especially since dad has been doing that most of the year.

Lows included learning a friend who was put on hospice yesterday died TODAY.

Another high was a simple compliment from someone I truly admire and respect.  It gave me a needed boost in confidence at work.

Then another low.  A graduate of our program is being barred from sitting for the State Licensing exam by the Arkansas Board of Nursing due to a juvenile felony 11 years ago.  The “high” in this situation is that my position might have some influence in the appeal process.  My connections in the community will also help.

So glad I don’t get motion sickness.