I’ve been chronicling the Dilday Kids’ first day of school through photos since, well, their first day of school.  And I’ve been archiving those photos on this BLOG since 2007.  Tonight, as the youngest observes a self-imposed bedtime of 8:30 p.m. and the Boy elected for an “after school nap”  – I’m reflecting on the things that have NOT changed.

1. Tim’s Pizza makes a great, no fuss, first night of back-to-school dinner.

2. The Dilday kids are genetically wired to have a BUS MISHAP on their first day of Junior High.

3. Despite dreading the more rigorous schedule that the academic year brings, I am NOT one of those moms that gets all verklempt as my kids grow older and we mark the passing of time.  Call me a glass-half-full gal, but I’m simply grateful that they are growing and developing appropriately and each new year begins a fresh new chapter of new experiences and accomplishments.

So here’s a shot of 2 of the 3 Dilday kiddos on their first day back to school.

back to school 2014









And here’s a selfie from their big sister, the college girl.

gracie 1st day 2014