I’m excited to be participating in a book club this year. My first. My good friend LaDawn in SD has been in a book club for years and it sounds like a blast. But for whatever reason, I never took the initiative to start one of my own. So color me happy when a group of ladies I adore decided to start one this year and invited me!

Our first selection was Serena by Ron Rash (soon to be a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper). Despite making it to #34 on the New York Times Best Seller’s list, this is not a book I would’ve chosen for myself. But that is precisely why I’ve always wanted to be in a book club. To broaden my horizons, try new things, break out of my “same old same old” pattern.

Serena is set in North Carolina during the Great Depression. Serena and her husband Pemberton, both greedy and ruthless individuals obsessed with establishing a lumber empire, make for highly unsympathetic protagonists. And this is likely the reason I didn’t care for the book.Serena_PB_300_450

While the description of the Appalachian Mountain setting was vivid, I found the cast of supporting characters to be more like an unnamed chorus in a musical. The characters did have names, but for me they were virtually indistinguishable from one another – except for the creepy one-handed Galloway, of course. Galloway was Serena’s henchman, much like Dr. Frankenstein’s Igor.

So, no…. I didn’t love the first book selection for our newly formed book club. But I’m certain I will love book club itself. And I can’t wait to discover what we read together next.

What are you reading?