Yesterday was “Move-In” Day at UCA. Ethan was up, showered and dressed by the time I got up at 7 a.m. He had already packed his car on Saturday. We poured a travel mug of coffee and were on our way.

Conway is a relatively short 2.5 hour drive, but a misty rain made it seem much longer. We arrived by about 11:30 and located State Hall, checked in with the student staff, and had all of Ethan’s belongings in his room in two short trips.

He didn’t want to “settle in” too much, as his roommate wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 4 p.m. My kind and courteous son wanted to consult with his roommate about furniture placement, etc. We were able to convince him to let Mom and Grandma help make his bed for a quick photograph (or three).14012253_10209915738672125_249102817_n 14054709_10209915742232214_1374851213_n Ethan Dorm room

Then it was off to Walmart for a few dorm room essentials (ramen noodles, Crystal Light peach tea, and Command Hooks for hanging artwork on the cinder block walls).

We then met up with big sister Grace, who was helping her boyfriend Colin move to Conway too this weekend. We had lunch at the Dixie Cafe and before long, it was time to hit the road.

A quick selfie in the parking lot to mark the moment, followed by hugs, kisses, “I love yous” and goodbyes.  14001826_10209915740912181_998775933_o

I had a moment when I was about to tear up, then Gracie gave me the “moola” gesture (I promised her birthday money) so I ran around to my side of the vehicle to grab my checkbook. At that same moment, Genna had just climbed in the backseat and I heard her exclaim, “Alone at last!” That was it. All laughter and smiles, no tears for this mama! So happy/proud/excited for this new chapter for Ethan. Happy that Grace has met such a kind and thoughtful young man who so clearly makes her happy.  And happy, too, for Genna. Her 3rd child status is finally paying off!